AlertSense (ENS) IPAWS

AlertSense (ENS) tailors itself to your organization’s IPAWS Permission set. It allows you to create message templates, and enables you to build IPAWS compatible content for any combination of dissemination channels within a single alert message. AlertSense (ENS) IPAWS is available now -- to anyone who has or is applying for a FEMA IPAWS COG.

AlertSense was the first to demonstrate live for FEMA our capability to prepare and deliver alerts to all IPAWS dissemination channels; including WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts), EAS, NWEM (Non-Weather Emergency Message) activation for NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast and a COG-to-COG (Collaborative Operating Group) messaging interface.

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), is a national emergency alert system to send concise, text-like messages to users' WEA-capable mobile devices that started in April 2012. Wireless providers representing nearly 97 percent of subscribers are participating in distributing wireless emergency alerts.

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Emergency Alert System (EAS)

AlertSense is an Interoperable EAS origination and polling solution, enabling integration through APIs and CAP 1.2. AlertSense has fully executed the MOA and tested with the IPAWS/OPEN environment for receiving and disseminating alerts.

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Non Weather Emergency Alert (NWEM)

NWEM is a tool for federal, state and local public safety leaders to issue localized EAS messages for non-weather related incidents. Approval required by the National Weather Service to send alerts to NOAA Weather Radios.

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Collaborative Operating Group (COG)

Interoperability is fundamental to the system design. AlertSense’s Common Alerting Protocol (CAP 1.2) conformant solution, provides an interoperable hub to allow dissemination to other applications and authorized recipients.

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