AlertSense Emergency Notification System (ENS) Solutions

With AlertSense (ENS), your organization can immediately disseminate information to all levels of emergency response personnel, jurisdiction employees, and concerned citizens to ensure rapid notification and response to the emergency or crisis.

AlertSense (ENS) offers best value solution tailored to meet the unique needs and budgets of government, infrastructure, education, health, corporate, tribal, international, and not-for-profit clients.

Compare our fees to others and you will see why cities, counties and states are leaving their current providers and moving to AlertSense.


AlertSense (ENS) Government provides a CAP conformant, interoperable, first responder communication system with public warning, internal notification and geo-targeted notification. Using a web-based FISMA certified, secure private cloud infrastructure, AlertSense system enables any federal agency, state, county, city or department to immediately disseminate information to all levels of emergency response personnel, employees and concerned citizens.


AlertSense Infrastructure provides a secure and immediate mode for mass notification of emergencies, outages, system down messages. Notify personnel and customers with your infrastructure companies including energy: utility companies, nuclear power plants; transportation; bridges and dams.


AlertSense (ENS) Tribal enables any Native American tribe to disseminate information and alerts to emergency response personnel, employees and tribal members. AlertSense Tribal has been endorsed by the National Tribal Emergency Management Council (NTEMC) and can be easily purchased through the National Joint Powers AllianceĀ® (NJPA).


AlertSense (ENS) Education enables university and K-12 campuses to instantly deliver emergency alerts to its faculty, staff, students, and parents. With AlertSense, you can reach your entire campus within minutes, with multi-modal alerts delivered instantly to their cell phones, smart phones, and laptops as text messages, text to speech voice calls, emails and social media alerts.


AlertSense (ENS) Health enables the dissemination of secure information and emergency notification to staff, medical personnel, patients, and other health systems. AlertSense system allows you to set up staffing within minutes for immediate and extended needs. Recipients can be reached in a variety of formats: private and public alerts, other warning systems, all devices, phones, email, text messages, triggering reader boards and notifying the first responders from all jurisdictions located in their geographic area at the same time from single interface.


AlertSense (ENS) Corporate provides entities the ability to seamlessly disseminate business critical information and emergency alerts to their distributed workforce, partners and customers via multi-modal messaging, across a variety of devices. AlertSenseā€™s FISMA certified, private secure cloud infrastructure and proven CAP conformant notification system provides world-class reliability and interoperability for operational communication and external collaboration with first responders.