The Benefits of Having a Content Management System

A traditional website will get you 5 – 10 pages that serve more as a glorified, online brochure. Pay around the same price for a Database-Driven, Content Management Website or CMS and get, not just a little more, but such a huge increase in value and options, it’s difficult to quantify or compare.

Benefits of our CMS Website Package:

  • Simple: Most hosting companies make it easy to install.

  • Flexible: Create any type of website you want. Improve design with Themes, extend functionality with plug-ins.

  • Database Generated: Publish an endless number of pages¬† that are easily updateable.

  • Publishing Tools: manage content, create drafts, schedule publications, secure pages with a password.

  • User Management: Set user permissions for multiple administrators.

  • Drag-and-drop: Media/Image uploading/storage.

  • Updates and Improvements: continuous and always free.