AlertSense Internal

AlertSense Internal Notification is the core of the system designed for immediate alerting, situation managment and control in any emergency or non-emergency situation.

AlertSense’s approach is to meet or exceed industry standards, and to offer interoperability that connects any AlertSense ENS client immediately into the larger regional and national network of emergency response communications.


The system interfaces easily with existing databases and systems. It may support, work along side, or replace existing systems as best meets client needs. Below is a summary of what AlertSense can provide.:

  1. Text-to-speech: Text to speech conversion and pre-recorded voice alerts capable
  2. Caller ID: Custom CallerID/Sender Email (variable per broadcast)
  3. Confirmation: Real-time Notification of Human receipt
  4. Reporting: Sophistacated Message Status Monitor and Reporting
  5. Polling: Polling Notifications with rapid tabulation of receipt feedback/responses
  6. Scheduling: Scheduled alerts allow preplaning to populate a template to trigger an alert or notification in the future
  7. Web Service: fully hosted and managed software as a Web Service (SAAS)
  8. Secure Cloud: Private, secure cloud infrastructure, redundant, Tier 3 Premium Data Centers
  9. Proven, Tested Solution: CAP 1.2 and NIMS conformant, Award Winning System, Tested at DISA (Defense Information Security Agency), JITC (Joint Interoperaility Test Command) and P-TAC
  10. Easy to Use: Highly intuitive QuickAlert and AlertSense Web-Based interface