Proven, Tested Services

AlertSense offers three primary service bundles: AlertSense IPAWS, AlertSense Internal Notification, and our all-inclusive AlertSense Citizen Alert.

These bundles are designed to provide best value solutions that meet the needs and budgets of our government, infrastructure, education, health, corporate, tribal, international, and not-for-profit clients.

AlertSense IPAWS

AlertSense IPAWS bundle enables the delivery of alerts to all IPAWS disseminations channels, including WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts), formerly called CMAS, EAS, NWEM activation for NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast, and a COG-TO-COG (Collaborative Operating Group) messaging interface.

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AlertSense Internal

AlertSense Internal enables your organization to instantly and simultaneously deliver voice, text, and email notifications and alerts to the land lines, cell phones and mobile devices of your targeted recipients: first responders, employees, faculty, students, or customers. Provides the reliability of our private, secure cloud in premium data centers and QuickAlert's intuitive, easy to use interface with text-to-speech, polling, scheduling and more.

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AlertSense Citizen

AlertSense Citizen Alert All-Inclusive services bundle provides clients the ability to immediately alert citizens in an emergency via land lines and cell phones by geo-targeting all those in the impact area drawn on a map. This bundle also includes the full suite of IPAWS alerts and all AlertSense Internal services for unlimited users, administrators, and groups.

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